workshop leader

Joanne M. Lozar Glenn
writer. editor. educator.

You could call my approach to leading writing workshops and classes “organic.”  This means we work with what is in front of us, learning technique as the need for it arises.

Why? Because we learn to write by writing and by creating the conditions for a sensitive, informed, and intelligent response to what is coming across on the page.

I didn’t make this up. The truth is I’ve been influenced by

  • faculty at the University of Dayton (where I learned to teach),
  • my experience at the Ohio Writing Project (where I learned to have faith in my own teaching and writing style and that ordinary people like me can and do get published), and
  • training and certification in the Amherst Writers and Artists (AWA) method of leading writing workshops (where I met the incredible Pat Schneider, AWA’s founder).
  • And I’ve been influenced by everything I’ve read about learning to write, by what happens in my own writing process, and by what the writers who come to my retreats and workshops have shared with me.

    Having said that, what I really get excited about is helping others’ work take flight. One outgrowth of that is hosting community literary events. For example, annually since 2008, writers from my workshops have read their work at a local Borders bookstore.

    One more thing you should know…I believe a teacher of writing should also be a student of writing. So I study regularly with gifted teachers and writers. Like you, I’m constantly looking to be a more effective writer—and to share what I learn.


    The class is excellent. No matter how many of your classes I take, I always learn something new.—Anon.

    Any aspiring writer would benefit from this … creative experience led by a well-organized muse.—E.M.