writing for caregivers

The Writing Workshop for Caregivers creates a sacred space, through writing, that allows for nurturing and restoration—think of it as care for the caregiver. Even if you don’t think of yourself as a writer, you have a story. Get it down on paper in the company of others who “get it”:

  • A woman taking care of her mother who has Alzheimers.
  • A mother taking care of a child who has developmental delays.
  • A husband whose wife retained a brain injury in a car accident.
  • A father whose son has a serious mental illness.
  • A woman whose sister died from cancer and who, like her fellow caregivers, wants to begin sorting out those experiences in writing.
  • Who else might you find in this workshop? Anyone who, despite the pull of caregiving responsibilities, recognizes that s/he needs respite, and will take this time to recharge and renew. [registration form]


    I loved it—I wrote today! L.P.

    Delightful setting. Maybe a little longer? I don’t write very fast sometimes.—R.D.