get away & get writing

Get Away & Get Writing is a weekend writing retreat designed to re-energize your writing practice. Held at the Royal Rose Inn in Rehoboth, Delaware—just two blocks from the beach—this retreat lets you remember and luxuriate in the deliciousness of what it means to create:

  • The initial strangeness of facing the blank page.
  • The seesawing between timidity and temerity as you make those first marks on paper.
  • The rush of words as you “click” into what’s waiting to be expressed.
  • The camaraderie of immersing yourself once again in the community of writers.
  • The satisfaction that comes with knowing you’ve got the seeds of a story and the skills to polish it into something wonderful.

    More specifics? We have a pre-retreat conference call to get acquainted and to go over the program—I like to customize content to who’s attending and what they’re looking for. [Contact me if you would like more details.]


    This is my first writing workshop and I see that it is a good way to reconnect or stay connected with writing.—B.K.

    Productive, inspiring! Great weekend—thank you!—R.S.